2009-09-10 / Letters

Forbes Rd. Spending Out Of Control

To The Editor:

Did anyone else notice in the July 2, 2009, Fulton County News article that the Forbes Road School District has been on a spending spree? It was about five years ago when Forbes Road School Board decided to build a new school that we did not need. At that time the annual budget was approximately $5 million. With student enrollment of approximately 500 students, it appeared excessive at the time to be spending $10,000 per year to poorly educate each student.

This year, the budget adopted on June 23, 2009, will be 50 percent greater. The yearly tax increases to the residents of Forbes Road has resulted in a whopping 33.63 mills and an annual budget of more than $7.5 million. The same paper reported that Southern Fulton's millage rate will remain at 22.5. With a static student enrollment, we now spend about $15,000 per student! To maintain perspective, we now spend more on government education than it costs to provide all other aspects of child rearing (i.e. food, housing, clothing, entertainment, transportation, etc.).

Taxpayers of Forbes Road: Do you think you are getting your money's worth? Do you see the benefit of spending 50 percent more for government education? Parents and students: Do you see a 50 percent increase in the quality of your education over the last five years?

Sadly, it appears that out-ofcontrol spending is not limited to federal and state government.
James F. Evans, VMD

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