2009-09-10 / Letters

Says Country Is Being Torn Apart

To The Editor:

We live in a country where we have been truly blessed by God, yet we still are a needy people. We need education, food, housing and jobs to choose from and decent healthcare. For the most part, we have a good healthcare system already in this country, yet it needs a few upgrades. This United States of America is now in the hands of organizers or czars (little presidents) that are restructuring our way of life so fast we hardly know what is happening, and we are fearful. The District of Columbia is now known as "The Economic Capital" of the U.S. That's where our tax dollars are being distributed from. My questions are: Who would write a health bill so long that Congress couldn't read it or understand it before they sign it? Who wrote the stimulus bill? They say it was not written by Congress but written by an organized group called "Appollo" and they have un-American ties. It was handed to, and accepted by our president. What is happening to this country that we let "groups" that we know nothing about write their new laws and regulations as to how this country is to be run and new laws we have to live by? We won't have freedom of choice. This is not about parties, Democrat or Republican, right or left, but about this country's citizens loosing their freedom to live and choose and live their life in a free country. Does this president need so many czars to run our government? Most of them have not had a background check. They were appointed by our leader and answer to him only. Will they take the place of senators and congressmen? Why the Cap and Trade bill when we do not need higher taxes or penalize those who are working hard to make more money, so they can hire people to work. This is the American way, to work hard and pay our taxes and do what is right. The payoff is not what we can now expect. Why are we being told (at tea parties and town hall meetings) to sit down, shut up and let the government continue the restructuring of laws and bills they want passed? Why do we the American people need someone to apologize to the rest of the world, saying we were arrogant people? We were called cowards by the president's own cabinet. Some issues need to be left alone to heal. L.B.J. said this years ago, we the people have "overcome." So let that issue rest. It is always brought up to create problems and send us on a detour. So we don't see the problem at hand. The Ameican people have a compassionate spirit. We have given food and medical supplies, set up hospitals and churches (we believe in healing both body and soul), sent our troops to wherever the world needed help. We are geneorus people and have tried to be politically correct and turned the other cheek, while we are being insulted to our faces. We work hard for a living and earned the right to liberty and freedom and justice for all. God has blessed us and that's why so many people are crossing our borders to find a free America. They want to give their families what they didn't have when they were growing up. Will America still be free enterprise and captalistic? Will we be kept free from socialism and communism or will we be taken down from within by those who will always hate America, no matter what we do? May God bless this Great Republic, a Sovereign Nation, called America. May we, who are called by his name, humble ourselves and pray, and seek his face and turn from any wicked ways, we will be forgiven, and he will heal our land. We can be restored and saved. The enemy does not want you to believe this because his goal is to tear his county apart using any means or reasonings. I don't want this country transformed and our freedoms plowed under. History books are being rewritten portraying America as a villain. It's time to be the "loyal Americans" and stand up and defend our country. If we don't now, there won't be a "safe place" for us citizens to dwell. This country has been a great refuge for all nationalities. We're not pefect, but we've learned form our mistakes and we're improving.
Maryann Hykes

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