2009-09-10 / Church News

Cards Of Thanks


We would like to take this time to let our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers know how grateful we are for everything that has been done for us over the last several months. We are truly blessed to live in a thoughtful community. This has been a very trying time for us and our family. The kindness, love and support have been overwhelming. We appreciate all the visits, phone calls, messages, cards, gift cards, flowers, donations, offers of help and prayers.

Our sincere thank-you goes to all the special people in our life that offered to help and that did help with our little girl, Calli. Not for one moment did she lack any attention or love. On top of her getting such great care, two very special ladies made sure Calli's birthday wish came true. Along with that a very special set of friends gave her a summer vacation. We also want to thank everyone for helping out Mitch, making sure that he had food to eat while we were at the hospital and for taking the time to visit him.

A very genuine thank-you goes out to our "farm buddies" and neighbors for making sure that all crops were tended to and that the farm was running smoothly while everything was taking place. These days you hardly find that type of help, but you can always count on the farmers sticking together. A special thank-you goes to Jeff and Mitch for making sure all the daily activities got done.

A thank-you does to Fulton County Medical Center for being so helpful and supportive the two times tom was sent to Milton Hershey Medical Center. We would like to thank the Lifeline crew for taking care of him the first trip and to Mc- Connellsburg ambulance crew for the second time he was sent to Milton Hershey Medical Center. We would also like to thank Chambersburg Hospital along with Dr. Enders, Dr. Hoover and Dr. Potteiger for Tom's care he received while he was a patient there.

A very big thank-you goes out to Nancy Bivens, Patti Mills, Kathy Kendall and Lyle Reed for organizing the benefit auction and to Crystal Seville for the raffle drawing. We are also thankful for all the individuals and businesses who took the time and hard work to help these wonderful people or that made donations. We also want to thank everyone who showed up for the auction.

The heartfelt thank-you of all goes to our family physician, Dr. Harry Johnston. You went beyond what any doctor should do.We are very grateful for your wisdom, advice and support through this trying time.

We hope God blesses every single one of you.

Tom and Vickie


I would like to thank all our family and friends, Pastor Mc- Commons and our church family for all their help and prayers while I was recuperating from a broken arm and my husband from a heart attack. Thanks agin and God bless you.

Tom and Rosetta Matthews


A special thank-you for my "angel anonymous" for the kind gesture you gave me. Sorry, but I can't use it, for I never use my friends for my betterment.

Thanks again,

Dorothy "Dort" Mellott

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