2009-09-10 / Church News

Amazing Story About "Amazing Grace" Composer To Be Dramatized

The incredible story behind the world's best-known and most-sung hymn, "Amazing Grace," will be excitingly dramatized in "But Now I See," a nationally touring live theatre production about the hymn's composer John Newton at Grace Christian Fellowship Church in Hancock, Sunday evening September 27 at 6:30 p.m.

Professional actor Erik Nelson of Maranatha Productions portrays John Newton, a young man impressed into the British Navy in the 1740s, then savagely thrust into slavery on a lime plantation in West Africa, and finally found captain of a slaver himself. Convinced he is about to perish in a very violent story on the Atlantic one horrendous night in March of 1748, Newton cries out to God in total desperation.

"But Now I See" is 75 fastmoving, action-packed minutes in length. This one-person dramatization includes music written by John Newton after his amazing conversion in the middle of the stormy Atlantic Ocean. The production is highly entertaining, and at the same time, most inspirational. "But Now I See" is most appropriate for ages six and older and will bring to everyone attending a new and never-to-be forgotten insight into the world's most popular hymn, "Amazing Grace" - and into one of the world's leastknown pastors and most prolific (280+ hymns) composers, John Newton.

Admission is free, but an offering will be received to help cover the expenses of the evening. For more information, please contact the church office at (301) 678-6036 or email gcfhancock@ yahoo.com.

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