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Says Letter To Editor Was Tongue-In-Cheek

To The Editor:

I am sorry for offending my friends. My life has been enriched by contact with newcomers. Everyone in America has the right to live and speak as they please. My letter to the editor two weeks ago was written "tongue-in-cheek" and was not intended to be taken seriously.

My goal was to expose the hypocrisy of those who exclude others, then cry foul when they are victims of the same tactics. A debate is similar to chess, in that one tries to goad the opponent into going off topic, getting personal, alienating the audience, thus reducing sympathy for their argument. I would expect a seasoned "strategist" to recognize a feint and not take the bait. Ridiculing your neighbors as inbreds is not the way to win friends and influence people. To paraphrase the 1960s slogan, "My county, love it or leave it." I love it and the good people who inhabit it.

I understand the demographics of my community and realize my views are the minority. The fringe element lose contact with the reality they are a minority. Our Constitution gives minorities the right to protest with civility, but democracy rules by majority. In recent years, critics have been labeled unpatriotic. Now the tables are turned. We have a government founded on Christian values, such as helping those in need. Is following Christ's teachings considered socialism now? How many of us will refuse to accept Social Security, Medicare or VA benefits because they are socialism? My Blue Shield already has a panel of accountants who deny, based on the bottom line. My out-of-pocket premium expenses rose 276 percent in three years of retirement.

I did not avoid military service by hiding in a classroom. I developed severe scoliosis by age 14, rendering me not eligible for the draft. You can't fake an Xray. I chose to serve my community as an educator. My esteemed adversary implied people with handicaps or educations who display the U.S. flag are not capable of patriotism to the degree he has.
Kenneth W. Keebaugh

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