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State Healthcare Security Act Will Benefit All

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the article that appeared in the left-hand column of page A3 in the August 27 issue of The Fulton County News. It is headlined "Who's Really In Control of Healthcare Debate." We should all be aware of what it says.

There is no question about the fact that the "health insurance" industry is calling the shots, inciting people to outrage with misinformation. You hear it all the time on TV and on the radio. It is done in order to keep themselves rich while denying needed care to millions.

As the article makes clear, there is no proposed "government takeover" of our excellent healthcare delivery system. No "death panels," either. Not at any level, state or federal.

The false outrage is unfortunate, because if the current "profit for insurance" system of healthcare payment were brought to a close or even control, everyone could have access to full comprehensive healthcare, with no copays, no deductibles, no limits.

There would be plenty of money left to solve budget crises all over our great nation. Misunderstanding the situation leads to terrible consequences in suffering and economic damage. It's a good article.

But never mind. The so-called "public option" at the federal level, the one in Washington, won't be significant and wouldn't solve our problem anyway. Our problem is one of overpayment of insurance premiums to profitmaking corporations. It isn't gong to bring full access to healthcare to the millions who have to do without.

The solution to these problems is in a bill going to the Pennsylvania State Legislature in Harrisburg. When passed, it will save every county in the state millions and billions of dollars each year. It will provide full comprehensive healthcare for every legal citizen of Pennsylvania.

Everyone will experience savings in the process. Medicare, SCHIP, Medicaid and other government assisted healthcare plans will continue, only with full benefits instead of partial. The bill will help small businesses, it is bipartisan with support from both sides of the aisle, and will save the economy of Pennsylvania. Fulton County municipalities and school districts would save $1,700,000 in the first year. It's called The Family and Business Healthcare Security Act of 2009.

You can learn more about it, you can even read the entire 27- page bill if you like, at the Web site of the organization with the same name, Healthcare4all- PA.org. It is one way of finding our way out of this crisis, and out of the state of misunderstanding that now exists.

I hope you can check this out and urge our Sen. Eichelberger and Rep. Dick Hess to help pass this legislation (and the Economic Impact Study necessary to verify the financial stability of the bill). It will benefit each and every one of us.
Jack Hendricks,

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