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Response from a "Furiner Carpetbagger"

To the Editor:

Mr. Kenneth Keebaugh: It's unfortunate that you believe that one needs to be born and raised in Fulton County to express an opinion. I've been paying property taxes in the county for 30 years, but in your mind someone born here 20 years ago is somehow superior. Yes, I held government jobs for more than 38 years, including 25 years with the Air Force, and now draw a generous pension. There were many years of long hours and hazardous duty - my pension was hard earned and much of the money is spent in the community. You on the other hand (I suspect) probably entered the teaching profession to avoid the draft. You chose to show your patriotism by flying the flag (since 9/11), I lived mine by swearing an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Readers are free to judge the value of our sacrifice and contributions to the country.

Sorry to hear that marrying a local girl does not meet with your approval. This was an effort on my part to reduce the inbreeding problem faced by this and all counties that only count as legitimate citizens those that have remain tethered to the same plot of ground since 1773.

As to volunteering - several years ago I put in countless hours as a director of the local Legion Post. Until recently I served as the county's deputy emergency manager as well as the emergency manager for Dublin, Taylor and Wells townships. I chaired the group that developed the pandemic plan and the continuity of operations plan for Fulton County. I was instrumental in writing two successful grant proposals that brought new money into our county. I did not seek, nor have I received, any form of compensation for these services.

With regard to another "Carpetbagger," Mr. Joyce is capable of defending himself. However, let's be clear. His service as a Pennsylvania state trooper provided him with unique skills necessary to perform his current duties as emergency manager. The county is well served by having Mr. Joyce employed in this capacity, and to suggest otherwise is asinine.

My daughter is gainfully employed in South Carolina, so I fail to see how her status is relevant.

As a former teacher with your purported intellectual endowments, you should be aware, Mr. Keebaugh, that the correct term is "boar hog," not "borehog."

Lastly, I formally invite you to be the first to "round me up and escort me to the border." You know where I live.
Jerry Land
Fort Littleton

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