2009-08-27 / Letters

Maybe The Only Sensible Healthcare Solution

To The Editor:

A major element for the solution is: All Americans can help. All of us become as healthy as possible. It takes less than $100 per year and saves $1,000 and it lasts a lifetime. A habit can be formed to eat, exercise and sleep sensibly. It includes balancing your energy source foods for peaking body, mind and spirit. Oh, yes, it's for kids also, age 4 and up.

A special device has been researched, developed and patented. When used with your mind and body, the lifetime best health habit is formed.

Congress, the White House and a couple of think tanks have been informed of the solution. The infrastructure is in place, device is complete. Business model and personel floor diagram and analysis results graphs illustrating the problem and solution sent to Congress and White House. Savings budget reduction about $200 billion by leaving health services basically as they are can be realized by 2013.

Should the voting citizens not be able to communicate with our president or any Congressional member or senior staff, maybe we could all join in and be our healthiest and happiest. It can be done without our Congress and president. Health insurance costs would be significantly reduced. Fewer claims, fewer dollars needed when people are healthy. Oh, yes, the methodology is biblical (how it becomes a natural habit and a part of our everyday life).
Dick Hockensmith

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