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Cards Of Thanks


Thanks to all for the cards and food I received during the time after my fall. Thanks to Chambersburg Hospital and Fulton County Medical Center and to Hustontown ambulance.

Thanks to all and God bless each and everyone.

Helen Foreman


Thank you to family, friends, Home Care nurses, Helmpates, Dr. Milroth and staff for your help in caring for Grover.

Also thanks to Pastor Bard, Cathy Richards, Jeremy and Nicole Fletcher, and Sipes Funeral Home for the service and to Fulton Honor Guard and our grandson, David, for playing "Taps." Also thanks for the many cards, flowers and food donations.

Dorothy G. Mellott

and family


We would like to thank our children for the wonderful 50th wedding anniversary party they gave us.

Thanks to our family and friends who helped celebrate and for the nice gifts and cards.

Thanks also to the ladies who made the food and cake. God bless each of you.

Dick and Esther Miller


I want to thank all of those who contribute good, clean clothes and other useful small things to 2nd Time Around. I want to thank all those volunteers who manage the store, keep it as neat as possible and contribute their time and energy. Those who come to buy or look, to visit and to spread the word that we are here to help those who are struggling with unemployment or just plain not enough money to go around. Any money that we take in are passed on to other needy places and individuals. We are here for the sole purpose of "helping" whatever the need. Our hours are Tuesday and Thursday, noon to 3:00, and Saturday noon to 2:00. We are in Waterfall, to the left and rear of Newman's Market. Thanks again so much to all who keep us going.

Dorothy Pas


We would like to thank our family and friends who had a part in our 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

Thanks for the many cards, gifts and well wishes and especially your presence at our party.

Thanks and God bless all.

Ralph and Peg Swope


On Wednesday, August 19, 2009, it was a month since we nearly lost our son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend, Dylan Wetzel, the 20- month-old who nearly drowned in a decorative pond. We would like to thank everyone who helped save his life.

We would like to thank all of the concerned friends, neighbors and relatives from all over the community who have been calling and checking on Dylan. We wish to let each and everyone know that he is doing very well. It has been tough for some family members, but all in all we are doing fine.

We would especially like to thank aunt Becky, uncle Rick and aunt Darla for giving CPR until the paramedics got there to save his life. Also, a big thankyou goes out to the men on Chopper 5 from the Maryland State Police for saving Dylan's life. We cannot thank everyone enough for what they did.

Thanks again,

Bobby, Kim, Justin

and Dylan Wetzel


We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who supported us during the illness and passing of Adrienne Palmer.

So much help was given by so many. The ambulance crew, the emergency room doctors, the nurses and staff on acute care. Everyone at the Medical Center was kind and compassionate.

We would also like to thank Rev. Tim Close for the service, Grove Funeral Home for arrangements, Cedar Grove Christian Church for food. So many people in the community reached out to us with food, prayers, cards and words of sympathy. We appreciate everything.

Floyd Palmer, Marlys

Palmer, Dale Palmer Brenda Palmer

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