2009-08-20 / Local & State

PUC Says 814 Area Code Running Out Of Numbers

ERIE, Pa. (AP) - The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is studying plans to deal with the state's 814 area code which is rapidly running out of phone numbers.

The PUC projects the area code will run out of numbers sometime in the year 2012. The area code stretches in a wide band from northwestern Pennsylvania, including Erie, southwest to the Maryland border, encompassing Altoona, Johnstown, and other southwestern area's not covered by either the 412 or 724 area codes.

One thing being considered is just assigning a new area code to all new phone numbers added in the area after a certain date, but that would require callers to dial 10 digits, not seven, to make even local calls. Splitting the area and assigning a second area code to some callers is another option.

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