2009-08-20 / Letters

Congressmen Are Hired To Do The People's Will

To The Editor:

Well now! We do seem to be having a lively debate over healthcare reform, do we not? Only those living with the bats could miss the fact that our airwaves, newspapers and town hall meetings are jammed full of angry folks, all making it crystal clear that they simply will not be ignored.

Certainly, we all have our own thoughts on this particular subject. But, just as important as the issue itself is the fact that we are indeed making our voices heard, from one persuasion or the other. That's a good thing. History tells us that one of this democracy's worst threats is apathy. As long as we don't care enough to protest, join in the debate or, even vote, politicians will rightly believe they can do what they jolly well please, when they jolly well please to do so.

They are inclined in this direction because they are convinced that they are far better educated and craftier than we are and that we are far too stupid to know what's good for us. With this in mind, they further assume we will simply allow them to jam their concepts down our collective throats without so much as a whimper. That is regardless of what we believe in, hold dear, or for that matter, what they told us to get elected in the first place.

In this case, they clearly did not count on the intensity of the opposition. They're surprised and even a bit rattled. This becomes evident when they desperately try to shift the focus. It isn't so much healthcare reform now as it is "insurance reform," for instance. Or, they try to reduce all this opposition from obvious outrage to "healthy discourse."

But don't you let them do it! If you object to whatever they're up to, you keep yelling at the top of your lungs! Unless and until they are threatened with the loss of their jobs, they will continue to assume that they cannot be stopped and that we don't give a fat rat about what they're up to. They don't respond to "healthy discourse." They respond to inyour face, mean and ugly dogfights each and every time they try to feed us another stack of cow-patties, while trying to convince us they're pancakes.

Despite what they might think, these individuals are not royalty and our country is not their personal kingdom. They are our employees and they promised to do the will of the people who hired them. If their own convictions, preferences and objectives prevent them from doing that will, they should be told they'e lousy employees, that we know they're lying to us, that they're wasting our money and then they should be fired!
Bill Watson
Hustontown, PA

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