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"Furiner" Carpetbagger Go Home!

To The Editor:

My family has owned the same farm for nine generations continuously since 1773. I am proud to be a patriotic born-andbred Fulton County native, country bumpkin who has displayed our U.S. flag every day since 9-11. I am a genealogist and local historian and recognize names appearing after the Civil War might be considered "furiners" by pioneer descendants.

I know Fulton County natives are very intelligent, hardworking and possessing common sense. I resent rabble-rousing "furiner imports" who come into our tranquil community and think they have the superiority to tell us what we should think and must agree with their narrowminded opinions and worldview. We have the ability to access information and draw our own conclusions without outside interference.

How ironic that they were supported in employment by our tax dollars; are now eligible for a nice pension, again on our tax dollars; yet still greedily take local jobs away from Fulton County natives, again on our tax dollars. I bet if those jobs were enjoyed by Fulton County natives from start to finish, they would not have been milked for so many years and would have been fully implemented shortly after 9-11. If these imports have such a strong desire to be productive, they should be volunteering their "expertise" for free for the good of all, instead of taking jobs away from locals who are unemployed. Their children are self-supporting adults, yet they take food off tables of native children whose parents cannot find a local job. Local jobs should go to local people.

Yes, I earned my living as an employee of the local taxpayers also. To make sure they got value for their hard-earned tax dollars, I had the reputation for being one of the most demanding teachers in my school and many complained about the workload. When "teaching for the test" became mandatory, I refused to compromise my ethics and got out.

I do not advocate town hall meeting style mob violence; I do think we should round up these "furiner" import carpetbaggers; pack them up with their hoods; escort them to the Fulton County border; deport them; then erect a fence so they cannot return. No, marrying a local gal does not exempt you from deportation. Once again, you deprived a local boy of happiness by taking away for yourself.

My many non-native friends who know me will realize my words were written "tongue in cheek," or should I say "pen in cheek" to make a point. I truly appreciate their contributions to Fulton County. Of course, the intended import "furiner" recipients will lack the intellectual capacity for introspection to understand the irony between my words and their rants. But, without bothering to check a dictionary, the tag team dynamic duo will continue to vent their spleen with vitriol, whilst I await their response with bated breath. And most readers will see these exchanges as useful as teats on a borehog.
Kenneth Keebaugh

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