2009-08-20 / Letters

Seniors Could Face Medicare Trouble

To The Editor:

Anyone 65 or over and anyone getting close, this health plan that the Democrats are trying to pass is going to cut your Medicare big time. The coverage you are use to is going out the door. That's why the seniors in this country are protesting against their plan. If they get this bill past, you are going to get the kind of service they get in Canada. You will wait for any kind of services and might never get it. I just got back from a week in Canada, and the whole week I talked to Canadians about their healthcare. Eight out of 10 said they didn't like it. The biggest problem is they want to cut your benefits so they can give insurance to the uninsured who don't want to pay for it like you had to for years. Also, they want to give the illegal aliens healthcare and prescriptions.

Right now in Frederick, Md., they have a van going around stopping illegals asking them if they need any healthcare or medicines free. This is going on all over this country. These politicians will sell you down the river for votes.

For years it was always said that the Republicans were for the rich and the Democrats were for the working people. That was years ago, not today. The Democrats are for the poor, and the backbone of this country are the working people and they have no representation. Eighty percent of people in this country are satisfied with their healthcare, and everybody in the world wants tocome here for medical care. We have the best in the world. If they want to fix Medicare, take the fraud out from some doctors and hospitals. That's where the problem is.

Everybody needs to get in touch with the politicians you voted for and tell them to leave your healthcare alone, especially seniors. This is really going to affect them. This is the most important thing that will affect you in your senior years. You must let them know to leave your Medicare alone and let them know you will vote them out the next election. If they hear that, they might listen to you.
- Dennis Fandl

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