2009-08-20 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to Donald Ray and Kathie Sipes, August 20; Margaret Sheppard, August 19; Vesta Hull, 85 on August 14; Nancy Harris, August 21; Pete Culler, August 22; Mary Knepper, 93 on August 24; Bonnie Duffey and Robert Strait Sr., August 24; Zachary Blumenthal, August 25; Sarah Paylor and Shawn Seville, August 26; Wayne Strait, August 26; Stanley Mellott, August 25; Larry Sipes, August 24; Kim Sipes, August 23; and Deb Buterbaugh, August 21.

Anita Bishop has returned to her job at Fulton County Medical Center after being off work for five months with a broken foot.

Vacationing in the Outer Banks, N.C., last week were Danny, Tammy and Jacyie Moody of Patterson Run Road and Danny's sister, Lisa, and family of New Jersey.

Sympathy goes out to the family of Carol Goes who passed away recently and to the families of Grover Mellott, who passed away last Wednesday and to the Ray Koontz family. Ray passed away Sunday afternoon.

Bill and Verna Gress observed their 12th wedding anniversary on August 20.

Attending the graduation last week of Logan Umbrell were his family, Scott and Chris Shelley, Lesley Umbrell and Noreen Mann. Logan graduated from Full Sail University in Florida with a Bachelor of Science in recording arts and entertainment business. A graduation party was held for Logan over the weekend with family members and friends attending at the home of his grandmother, Noreen Mann.

Chris Shelley and Karen Mc- Cleary recently enjoyed a week in Cozumel, Mexico.

Lee and Sharon Glazier, along with Dale and Esther Mellott of Shiremanstown, attended the retirement ceremony of their nephew, Vice Admiral Clifford I. Pearson on Monday, August 10, in Alexandria, Va. Clifford has served in the Coast Guard for 37 years. He is the son of Nellie Mellott Pearson of Silver Springs, Md., and the late Rear Adm. Helmer Pearson, and grandson of the late Rankin and Catharine Mellott.

Scott and Chris Shelley observed their 12th wedding anniversary on August 15.

Quotable quotes: A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.

It happened this week: Elvis Presley died of heart failure at the age 42 in 1977. The king's recordings, which continue today and now top more than 1 billion - an achievement no one else in record industry has surpassed.

Country shortcuts: To remove caked-on food from a dirty pan, place a fresh dryer sheet in the bottom and fill with lukewarm tap water. Let sit overnight and the stain just lifts off in the morning.

Dave, Jan, David III, Jen, Cody, Lexis and Linda Hoover, Brent, Mary K. and Leah Seville, Bob, Marilyn and Anna Barclay and Linda Knepper of Chambersburg vacationed recently on a cruise to St. Lucia, St. Marteen, St. Croix, Antigua, Barbados and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Watch out for children and school buses stopping when school begins next Wednesday. Students, have a good school year!

Greg Souders, a motorcycle accident victim a few months ago, is now able to walk some with the aid of a walker and is still residing with his son, Dustin of Etters.

Kallie Eckert, daughter of Pastor Paul and Jen Eckert, celebrated her first birthday with a party at Cowans Gap on Friday night. She has an older sister, Katrin.

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