2009-08-13 / Letters

Country Needs To Find The Middle Ground

To The Editor:

I was saddened to read a short-minded letter penned by Jerry Land of Fort Littleton written in my hometown paper in the July 30, 2009, issue of the "News.'' Mr. Land was tearing apart a woman who was merely raising concerns about the state of healthcare in our home county (who wrote in the July 23, 2009, issue).

First, Mr. Land makes a cold, callous attack on a visitor to the area. Secondly, he goes on to rant about her political leanings (although she never mentions a word about politics.)

Finally, he has the audacity to turn what really is a "human issue" into a "political issue." This is the core problem with our country today. This completely thoughtless, careless and heartless polarization of the country into two groups - - "liberal" and "conservative.'' This is a time in America's history when we need to work to find that "middle ground'' that we long to achieve (except for the extremists). People in this world like Mr. Land see it fit to tear us further apart. For shame, Jerry. I patiently await your next tirade, placing me with whichever group (I highly doubt you get it right) seems convenient to you at the time.

Sincerely, Josiah Newman

Waterfall, Pa.

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