2009-08-13 / Letters

Obama's Healthcare Plan Means More Government Control

To The Editor:

The United States has the finest healthcare system in the entire world. Make no mistake, the Obama healthcare reform plan has nothing to do with improving healthcare. It is about exerting more government control over our lives. We often hear about the 47 million Americans who don't have health insurance. The fact is many of the people without health insurance are young and choose not to buy the insurance. Others are temporarily between jobs, and approximately 20 million are illegal aliens that we taxpayers should not be subsidizing anyway.

If Congress wanted to actually improve the system it would pass tort reform and eliminate some of the burdensome regulations that it has imposed on doctors, hospitals and insurance companies. They would encourage the use of health savings accounts and let insurance companies sell "catastrophic" health policies.

One comment in the August 6 edition praised Medicare as popular and efficient compared to private insurance companies. That is laughable. Medicare and Social Security are rapidly going broke and have unfunded obligations amounting to trillions of dollars. The only way to pay for socialized medicine is through tax increases on everyone, not just the evil rich, inflation or rationing service.

To those who think end-of-life care would be "wonderful," you are going to be seeing a lot of it if this nonsense becomes law. The computerized medical records will be reviewed by a government bureaucrat who will deny medical treatment to the elderly or anyone with a pre-existing condition that does not meet politically approved criteria. If anyone thinks that is an overstatement, it is happening right now in England and Canada. People are forced to wait for treatment, resulting in much higher mortality than in the U.S.

This dangerous proposal if passed will drive private insurers out of business. They have to show a profit; the government just has to print or borrow more money. President Obama and his colleagues are lying to us all. It is impossible to add millions of additional people to the healthcare system with the same number of doctors and also cut costs at the same time. This will become the "Wait for Treatment and Die Law."

Vincent Joyce McConnellsburg

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