2009-08-13 / Letters

Healthcare Crisis Is A Scam

To the Editor:

Not so long ago the average American had plenty of common sense; they could easily spot a phony and recognize a scam. I'd like to believe that the silent majority still possess those traits, because if not, our country is in serious peril.

Radical leftists, following the Saul Alinsky playbook, are in the process of transforming our country into a collectivist empire controlled by "intellectual'' elites. The method is simple: first, a crisis is manufactured. Next, we're told that the very people who got us into the mess are the ones who we should trust to solve the problem.

A recent example is the socalled stimulus package. Remember the dire consequences predicted if Congress did not act immediately? No one had time to read this complex bill; it was "pass it now, or we're doomed.''

Now we're being fed the same line regarding healthcare. Once again, it's a crisis and we must act immediately. After admitting that he had not bothered to read the 1,000+ page document, Mr. Obama urged the House to adopt and pass the bill before the Congressional recess.

Key provisions in the bill do not take effect until 2013. If there is such a crisis, why is there a four-year delay in implementation?

Wake up people! The reason for the delay in implementation is obvious; Mr. Obama and his cohorts want to avoid being held accountable. This bill will provide coverage to 40-50 million new people, including approximately 9 million illegal aliens. We are being told that this will save money. As with the stimulus bill, this legislation is being rushed because the more people with common sense learn about it, the less they want to have to do with it. Up until recently the administration was calling this "healthcare reform,'' now they're calling it "health insurance reform.'' This is the exact same House bill, so why the change in the title? More smoke and mirrors, insurance reform sounds less threatening. By the way, there are no provisions for tort reform in the present bill. Not surprising, the trial lawyers are huge Obama supporters.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are going bankrupt, and this year alone we're facing a 2-trillion-dollar deficit. Elected officials pushing this program are not to be trusted. This is not about healthcare; it's about seizing power and controlling every aspect of our lives. Those gullible citizens supporting this initiative are trading freedom for a free lunch. As everyone with common sense knows, there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

Jerry Land Fort Littleton

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