2009-08-13 / Letters

McCain Not Honest About Federally Sponsored Healthcare

To The Editor:

Having read with much interest Charlotte Ford's excellent letter in the August 6 edition of The Fulton County News, I have found one misconception that warrants the reader's attention.

Sen. (CDR, USN Ret.) Mc- Cain, as a retired military person, does not need to subscribe to any of the federal pool of insurance plans. Why not? Because he and Mrs. McCain are covered, without cost to them, to "Tri- Care," which is extended to all military retirees.

McCain stridently opposes federally sponsored healthcare. He is a rightful recipient of wombto tomb federal healthcare largesse, which he valiantly earned and is certainly entitled to.

Does Sen. John McCain speak with forked tongue about federally sponsored healthcare? I believe that he does.

George Schmidt

Fayetteville, Pa.

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