2009-08-13 / Correspondents' Notes


By Karen Grissinger

Birthday wishes to Jody Shimer, Sue Oswald, Emily Greenland, Rebecca Weaver, Alexis Fogal, Craig Mitchell, Mike Greenland, Chad Ramsey, Allyson Barnett and Amber Reynolds.

Also birthday wishes to Norma Anderson, Joel Neville, Denny Cutshall, Mike Souders, Mahlon Shimer, Anita Greenland, Helen Redman, Haley Strait and Erica Hann.

Anniversary wishes to James and Veronica Patterson, Phillip and Christina Myers, Gary and Sharynn Book, Lanny and Deb Cornelius, Junior and Tammy Anderson, and Edsel and Vicki Hamman.

Get-well wishes to John Wain, Tommy Nesbitt, Dick Rhoades, Mary Mort, Bob Hoffman and Neva Fleming.

A birthday party was held recently for Lloyd Keith at his home on August 3. Many friends and family helped Lloyd celebrate his 85th birthday.

Dison Myers spent a week in Pittsburgh visiting with Hilary, Holly and Aden Forslund and Eric Costello.

Our prayers to Darlene Senft, who had a very close call with a falling tree hitting her van last week. Thanks to Sam Park for cleaning up the tree mess so early in the morning.

Cody Myers and Ben Souders competed in the Ben Knepper 5K run on July 25. Congratulations to Cody Myers for being the overall winner.

The Walnut Grove Senior Youth Group spent last weekend camping at Cowans Gap. As always, Kevin Fleck and Joe Myers served as the grill masters. Camping were Dezaray Swope, Matt Rhoades, Dane Martz, Kevin, Lynette, Ryan and Kelsey Fleck, Aden Forslund, and Joe, Melanie, Cody and Dison Myers.

Betty Ramsey, Kim and Ed Stevens, Aden Forslund and Joe, Melanie, Cody and Dison Myers spent a recent weekend camping at Cowans Gap.

Shannon Sechrist of Huntingdon and Terri Grissinger spent last week vacationing in Ocean City, Md.

Future activities at the Clear Ridge Community Building include a yard sale on September 4. The ladies and gentlemen will have pies and sandwiches for sale. If you wish to place an order for pies, please call 717-658-7918 and leave message of name, flavor and quantity. The next festival is scheduled for Sept 17 beginning at 4 p.m. A pie and soup sale is scheduled for October 29.

Joe, Melanie, Cody and Dison Myers and Betty Ramsey spent a week in Missouri visiting family while staying at the Lake of the Ozark.

Attending the Huntingdon County Fair on Sunday were Andy Mills, Terry, June, Steve, Shane and Shawn Mills, Ramon Martin, and Steve, Karen, Terri and Tammy Grissinger.

Visiting this week with the Steve and Karen Grissinger family were Donna Locke, Buzz and Bea Covert, Brent and Becca Carlson, Travis Madden, Tom Streightiff, and Travis, Tawnya and Tristen Hall.

Tim Streightiff was home from Washington, D.C., to spend a few days visiting this weekend with Tom and Mamie Streightiff, Jen Ramsey, and Kenny and Kristi Watkins.

The Three Springs Fire Co. will be hosting a chicken barbecue on August 16 beginning at 11 a.m.

A benefit auction will be held on Sunday, August 30, at 2 p.m. at the old high school gymnasium (Alumni Association Gym) in McConnellsburg for Tommy Nesbitt of McConnellsburg. Auctioneer for the benefit is Lyle Reed. If you would like to donate any items to the auction please call Nancy Bivens at 717- 799-7343.

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