2009-08-13 / Church News

In Memory


In memory of Guy Lowery. You left this earth so suddenly one year ago, August 2008.

When anyone needed a hand you were always there to help.

You would often stop by in the mornings to talk about hunting or just to give some attention to a couple of bassett hounds.

If a tree had fallen across a path or brush had grown out too far, you would take care if it.

Even the woods seem a little bit lonlier since you've been gone.

- Sadly missed by your cousins, friends and neighbors of Breezy Point and Dutch Corner roads
In loving memory of Harry
"Clyde" Knepper:
August 10, 1946
A day to celebrate your birth
With parents' eyes full of
Precious tears of love and mirth.
It would have been #63
But God took you home early
So you'd be free.
Our memories will carry us
Through each long year
But the older we get
Will get us closer to you, dear.
We'll always remember
No we'll never forget
The day you were born
The most glorious day yet.
Happy birthday Clyde
Doris and Lori

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