2009-08-06 / Local & State

250 Attend Liberty Crouse Benefit Dance

Approximately $ 3,000 was raised at the Liberty Crouse benefit dance on Saturday night, August 1, at the alumni community center that approximately 250 people attended.

Liberty and her family would like to thank "Alliance" for playing (they were outstanding), the McConnellsburg Fire Police for helping to keep us safe, the Mc- Connellsburg Alumni and Friends Association for the use of the building and the following for all the donations of money, food and baked goods:

Alma Ashley, Morgan and Ethan Barclay, Carl, Tina and Logan Barnhart, Kim and Brian Batdorff, Harry Lee and Sally Beatty, Lacey Beatty, Jacob Boehme, Bob, Vic and Jacob Bookheimer, Jason Bowman, Melissa Brady, Ashlyn Buterbaugh, Bradley Buterbaugh, Karen and Troy Buterbaugh, Megan Buterbaugh, Miranda Buterbaugh, Kenny and Nancy Bivens, Sierra Carbaugh, Tristan Cheatle, Robbie Christopher, Tori Clark, Ryan Corbett, Brittany Crouse, Dee Crouse, Dianna Crouse, Sandy Crouse, John Cutchall, Pam and Tara Cutshaw, Chelsea Danner, Gabby Danner, Tammy Decker, Whitney Depalo, Chelsea DeShong, Mary DeShong, Samantha DeShong, Damien Divens, Audrey Duncan, Dena Dunham, Nichole Earley, Fulton County News, Kristi and Mike Garlock, Lisa Harris, Katelyn Harman, Marcy and Robert Hedge Family, Andy Hege, Kristi Hohman, Tom and Melinda Howells, Mary and Jeff Huston Family, Matthew Huston, Brandy Jennesy, Brittaney Keefer, Derrick Keefer, Morgan Kendall, Tracy Kendall, Judy Eisaman, Lisa Fischer, Kristian Franklin, Kathryn Gordon, Vicki Gordon, Shawn Goshorn, James Griest, Bryan Guyer, Wesley Guyer, Olivia Harrison, Michaela Harrison, Kyle Haselbarth, Desiree Hege, Margaret and Todd Hege, Joyce Henry, Darren Hoffman, Jenna Hollenshead, Barb and Dick Hopkins, Kristina and Bobby Hopkins, Clark and Dixie Hoover, Nicole and Dave Hose, Zack Johnson, Emily Karo-zeuoke, Beverly and Woody Keefer, Dawn Kerlin, Patty Keefer, Bill and Kathy Kendall, Garrett Kenyan, Andrew King, Whitney, Eric, Damon and Carson Knepper, Joyce Long, Ethan Love, Justice Lynch, Paige Lynch, Josi Masters, McAllister Family, Chelsea McDonald, Toby McGarvey Family, Mc- Quade Family, Lou and Jessie McQuade, Alexis Mellott, Bridget and Phillip Mellott, Dylan Mellott, Hunter Mellott, Kyle Mellott, Sydney Mellott, Madeline Miller, Quinton Miller, Courtney Miner, Brittany and Darryl Mitchell Family, Taelor Morton, Ashley Penwell, Gary Pilkerton, Madyson Pine, Brittany Parson, Cody Parson, Nicki Parson, Abby Peck, Tammy Pittman and family, Jenny Pittman, Jessi Pittman, Casey Pollock, Joseph Pollock, Michelle Pollock, Wayne Pool, Ruth Reeder, Kayla Reimold, Roger and Kathleen Reimold, Alexandria Rexroth, Kim Richards, Steph-anie, Marvin and Morgan Richards, Lindsey Ritter, Jenna Ritz, Nick, Crystal and Christy Rosenberry, Dave and Karen Rosenberry, Sam and Sherry, Justin Shaw, Odette Sheffield, Donnie and Jeanie Sipes, Reva Souders, Sam Spraque, Jessica and Alyson Stallman, Suder's Family, Dorothy Sigel, Matt and Heather Sigel, Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, Mersedez Souders, Kristina Strait, Wendy Strait, Nathan Swope, Suders Family, Karen Timko, Deb Toothman, Cody Truax, Dayton and Kim Tweedy, Ruth Ann Watkins, Tony White, Travis and Ethel Whitlinger, Chad Whitner, Cheryl Wible, everyone who came to the dance, all the chaperones, and any and all that helped in anyway and were not mentioned!

The next fundraiser for Liberty will be a basket bingo on Saturday night, October 10, starting at 6:00.

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