2009-08-06 / Local & State

Old Glory Flies Proudly In Crystal Spring

Area farmer known locally for patriotism
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

"Old Glory" still strikes a chord with Donald Fischer Jr.

A 20-year veteran with the United States Air Force, Fischer is known to his extended family, fellow Brush Creek Township residents and even to passing motorists as a true patriot. Fischer proudly displays the United States flag every time he takes to the fields of the family owned and operated Ken-Du Farm located in Crystal Spring. Even though his duties are limited nowadays to mowing hay and milking on Sundays, the flag is never far from sight or memory for Fischer.

"Being a military man, I still tear up every time I see the red, white and blue," Fischer, 55, told the "News." Having enlisted with the Air Force in 1972, over the next 20 years Fischer performed an an array of duties, including in Southeast Asia, where he primarily did planning, in-flight refueling and even worked on classified missions.

Returning back to the Crystal Spring area in 1992, Fischer soon found himself reunited with his first love - farming. He recalls having started at Ken-Du Farm at the young age of five, where he got the opportunity to run every new piece of equipment that found its way to the farming operation.

"I've farmed there for longer than I can remember," he said.

Unable to decide which is his greatest love, Fischer stated both the military and farming are "great." "I love the freedom of riding on the farm and seeing firsthand what you've accomplished," he added.

Fischer said residents of the valley love his display of the flag, and lots of people motoring through the area slow down, sometimes turn around for a second look and, more often than not, snap a photo of him at work.

"Too many people take for granted what they have and what other people have sacrificed on their behalf," concluded Fischer. "I appreciate the flag and always have."

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