2009-08-06 / Local & State

Forbes Selects First Female Administrator

Christina Ramsey moves into high school principal's slot
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Christina Ramsey Christina Ramsey Forbes Road High School's newest principal is thinking "green." For Christina Ramsey, however, her green mind-set refers to her need to constantly evolve and grow while continuing to put herself out there for the benefit of her student body, faculty and community.

As the district's very first female administrator, the 31-yearold Fulton County native believes whether you've logged only one year or 10 years in a position there is always a chance to be green and learn something new. She's done exactly that through her involvement in the community and her continuing education, which in turn led her to her very first stint as principal.

"I was surprised and excited," said Ramsey, in recalling her callback for a second interview at Forbes Road. "I feel very honored to have been chosen."

Ramsey, who resides in Mc- Connellsburg with her husband Jason, and their 4-year-old and 18-month old sons, said she had initially thought she would not be accepted based solely on a lack of administrative experience.

"I reminded myself that the only way to get experience is to interview and just do it," she said. "...I think this is a great start for me at a small school not far from home."

Backing her know-how is a Bachelor of Science degree in music education from IUP as well as additional coursework in curriculum and instruction at Shippensburg University that wrapped up in December 2008. This very week, Ramsey will complete the work necessary to receive her principal's certificate.

In the classroom, she has logged six years in the Juniata Valley Elementary music program and multiple years at two intermediate level schools in the Shippensburg School District. In her spare time, Ramsey has been an active member of the McConnellsburg High School musicals, serving in the capacity of musical director overseeing a total of six productions, including "Annie," "Footloose," "South Pacific" and "Beauty and the Beast." In addition, over the last several years she has helped the elementary with choreography associated with its annual show.

Among her goals for her initial year at the northern Fulton County school district, is to maintain a good outlook and keep things in perspective.

"A positive outlook is key," she said, also adding she hopes to increase student activities and garner more community involvement. Ramsey made reference to her background in music and theatre and noted productions don't have to be on a large scale and can be built on over the years into something substantial.

As a former teacher, Ramsey understands the need for a support system for both students and teachers when it comes to issues such as student achievement, testing and improving on PSSA reading and math skills.

"I couldn't have received a warmer welcome," Ramsey said of the parents and faculty who have been visiting her office since her official start on July 1. Instituting and strongly encouraging an open-door policy, she's looking forward to seeing even more parents and members of the general community in the months to come.

In considering her interaction with students and staff, Ramsey said he will make her presence known in both the hallways and classrooms to help develop trust. She also hopes to reinforce existing school culture through student surveys that inquire as to student wants, needs and even likes and dislikes.

"I think it makes for a more successful learning experience when you give the students a sense of ownership in the school and their own education," she concluded.

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