2009-08-06 / Letters

Status Quo Healthcare Is Not Good

To The Editor:

Bad stuff can happen. Patients are powerless against corporate healthcare.

If one loses their job with an existing health issue, they may not be able to obtain insurance. Anyone over 65 and purchasing medicgap insurance may not find a policy or the policy could be cost-prohibitive. There is a chance one would have to choose between losing their home or healthcare. Status quo is not good. End-of-life care would be wonderful. Patients would have the benefit of counseling and healthcare professionals to choose the care they want without the insurance company denial threat.

One insurance CEO makes over $5,000 an hour, with a retirement package worth $73 million. Some elected Congresspersons are "rich" from money given to them from the medical industrial complex, and we all pay for their extravagant benefits. The insurance compainies, pharmaceutical and medical supply companies do not want these benefits to go away.

I understand the reluctance of some voters who do not embrace the president's goal of healthcare reform and wonder if John McCain were advocating reform would you support him? The president and Sen. McCain are able to choose from a federal pool of insurance plans. Why not allow the people paying for this benefit to have the same choice? Voters calling their represenatives should be aware of many government-sponsored programs that help so many people such as Medicare, SSI, Medicaid and Social Security.

Insurance companies do control how healthcare is delivered. They deny physician prescribed treatment; they raise premiums and copays every year. Status quo is not good!
Charlotte Ford

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