2009-08-06 / Letters

Seeks Help Acquiring School Supplies For Less Fortunate

To The Editor:

Hello my name is Michelle Rank. I am a parent of four Southern Fulton School District children. I am aware that economic times are very hard right now. I have been talking to other parents from our district, and they have the same concerns I have: school supplies for our children. It has come to my attention that there is no help with supplies for those less fortunate.

I have decided that my two older children and I are going to help. I have already contacted the principal of the elementary school and she thinks it is a great idea. I want to raise supplies and funds for those in need. I know that supplies are very expensive, and a lot of parents cannot afford the essentials for their children's education. I don't believe that children should suffer due to lack of funds. I need your help in getting out the word that we need the public's help. We need backpacks, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, paper, notebooks, folders, calculators, rulers, and such. I have contacted NBC25 for their help, too. Please help us in our mission to make sure that these kids get what they need. We will have a drop-off at Southern Fulton Elementary School for those who can help. Please let me thank you in advance for your help. Our kids deserve to have what they need.
Michelle Rank
P.S. I am looking forward to
hearing from you!

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