2009-07-30 / Local & State

Meeting Dates To Be Posted On Internet

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

In hopes of providing more information to the public and save time in responding to inquiries linked to the vacant commissioner's position, Fulton County commissioners Bonnie Mellott Keefer and David Hoover II are again releasing a list of county meetings set for the remainder of 2009.

The list posted on the county's website found at www.co.fulton.pa.us provides details on scheduled meetings and the various boards the commissioners serve on jointly or as a single member, county clerk Daniel Swain Jr. noted in the announcement. Examples of such boards and meetings attended by the commissioners include Pandemic Planning, Drug & Alcohol Advisory Board, South Central Solid Waste Agency, Area Agency on Aging, various Southern Alleghenies committees and the RC&D Council.

The commissioners annually make these announcements regarding board appointments and meeting schedules during their first meeting of each new year. However, due to the growing number of questions they've received regarding office duties and requirements associated with filling the vacant seat on the three-person Board of Commissioners, they rereleased the information Tuesday, July 28.

A deadline of August 6 has been established for the submission of letters of recommendation and comments from the general public as well as resumes from interested registered Republicans wishing to fill the position. All comments and correspondence can be mailed directly to President Judge Douglas W. Herman, Fulton County Courthouse, Judges Chambers, 201 N. Second St., McConnellsburg, PA 17233.

Shortly after reviewing correspondence and receiving input from key members of the Republican party and possibly the remaining two members of the Board of Commissioners, Judge Herman is slated to make his final selection. The individual appointed by the president judge of the Fulton/Franklin County Court of Common Pleas will fulfill the remainder of former Commissioner Swainís term of office that will wrap-up at the conclusion of 2011.

In other business acted on by the county this week, the commissioners revised the county dress code policy to address the issue of tattoos and body piercings. In the event an employee has a tattoo or non-ear body piercings, the commissioners have asked that it be covered or removed while working with the public during work hours.

Commissioner Keefer was appointed as a county representative on the Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commissionís Finance Committee.

Keefer was given authorization to sign a Local Government Grant closeout report for a grant that was received in the amount of $15,647. The monies were received through the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and Economic Development and were earmarked for administration costs linked to the Homestead/ Farmstead Act.

In connection with the commissioners' desire to move forward with their proposed building renovation project, the board signed a commitment letter with F&M Trust. The letter outlines a loan required for the project that is not to exceed $3.7 million.

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