2009-07-30 / Letters

Good Things In Fulton County

To The Editor:

First and foremost JLG hiring back all the people is great.

Mildred Mellott at 98 - way to go. I knew her when I grew up

My township of Wells has remained about the same in population, that is good.

Dan Swain takes over Dick Wible's job after a distinguished commissioner tenure. You are fortunate to have him.

Dick Wible, I hope he enjoys retirement and does okay with the medical problems. He was one year behind me in high school

The Fulton County Fair is still going to go on, and I trust the state budget issues will get worked out. Clem is quite right. When I grew up both my Mom and Dad were on the board. Mom was secretary, and Dad was a director. Lots of sweat equity on his part and that of Emil Mellott, Bob Barber, Gil Deshong, Lester Carmack and others in those days. Everyone always thought those guys were making all this money - as Clem says not true. We depended heavily on state then as now for paying good premiums to attract both in-county and out of county exhibiters. If the money crunch is not solved, I hope that at least reasonable premiums can be paid to the 4-H and FFA folks. They are the best, no offense to us adults who like to take things as well.

Some of this was offset by the departure of the Chrysler Dealership. But, I am glad to see that other aspects are staying open.

Last but not least, a challenge to the Forbes Road Class of 1969 - 40th reunion, August 8, 5:30 p.m. at Hustontown Firehall. Now if I can come from Kansas and another classmate can come from California, those folks from Hustontown and Burnt Cabins who have not come in the past can surely make it! That is my challenge and you know who you are. Thanks to Nancy Keebaugh Traxler for taking care of the administrative stuff like she always does. Dennis Mosebey Emporia, KS

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