2009-07-30 / Letters

Entitlement Run Amuck

To The Editor:

Responding to Debra J. Mc- Mullen's "Has Issues With New Medical Center" (7-23-09 issue):

Debra McMullen's letter to the editor last week is a perfect example of a liberal's sense of entitlement running amuck. Anyone with an ounce of compassion is sympathetic about the condition of her daughter. However, Ms. McMullen demonstrates stunning impudence with her criticism of Fulton County Medical Center. After admitting that she had no money, she questions the professionalism of the emergency room physician, complaint about the noise, room temperature and then whines about not getting a private room when her daughter is admitted. Perhaps the FCMC should have evicted a paying customer. She goes on to grumble about not getting her usual free lunch. Let me get this straight: is free food (along with healthcare) also a right?

Ms. McMullen wrote that she prays that her daughter does not get sick again. I'll join her in that prayer, my taxes are already too high. Jerry Land Fort Littleton

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