2009-07-30 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate Berkstresser

We have been fortunate the weather hasn't been as hot as it usually is for this time of year. But we could use a little more rain.

Sorry to hear Helen Reed is not as well as we would like to hear. We send get-well wishes her way. Also we hear Bill Parsons isn't doing good either. We hope he will improve soon.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Morgan Mundorff, July 24, and Dakota Mundorff on July 26.

Sorry to hear Richard Wible is not well. Hope he will be on the recovery list soon.

Danny DeShong and family of Shippensburg visited his parents, Marvin and Elner DeShong, on Sunday.

The Herbert Berkstresser family spent the weekend at Denton, Pa.

Hustontown had a bear come across Route 475 and on down to Route 655 last Friday.

It was good to see a nice crowd at Knobsville United Methodist Church on Sunday. The children had a big part in worship service and just finished a week of Vacation Bible School.

Household hint: shine furniture - one of the best products is plain old mineral oil, the kind you can find in the pharmacy section of discount or grocery stores. It's the main ingredient in lemon oil furniture polishes. Use a clean, all-cotton T-shirt cut in sections to polish wood.

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