2009-07-30 / Correspondents' Notes


By Karen Grissinger

Birthday wishes to Frances Shehan, Donavin Myers, Eloise Swope, Cassie Clark, Jamie Swope, Judy Tyson, Megan Watkins, Donna Locke, Pamela Foor, Cheryl Hummel, Katie Patterson, Ken Fraker and Holden Jenkins.

Anniversary wishes to Joe and Diane Gearhart.

Get well wishes to Dick Rhoades, Dick Wible, Jim and Carolyn Mills, Wayne and Mary Mort, George Cook and Neva Fleming.

Neva Fleming is a patient in Fulton County Medical Center. Bob Hoffman was recently discharged from the Medical Center and is recovering at home. We send them our get-well wishes.

Speedy healing wishes to Sharon Horne who had a wild bike ride while visiting in Florida. She is sporting a nice sling.

On Saturday Tom and Mamie Streightiff and Huldah Streightiff of Huntingdon enjoyed an afternoon in Reedsville and ended their day dining at the Allensville Restaurant.

Roger and Pat Ramsey visited with Brian, Emily and Micah Ramsey on Wednesday evening and enjoyed spoiling baby Micah.

It was great to see Gail Stains out and about on Saturday. She is determined to use her foot and be walking and mowing again soon.

Amanda Yocum and Terri Grissinger traveled to Maryland on Saturday for the wedding of Sarah Enyeart, daughter of Diane Enyeart.

Steve and Karen Grissinger attended the State College Spikes game on Saturday evening. After a short downpour, the game went on as scheduled. Karen, the big (?) sports fan, enjoyed the antics of Reggy, the Big Purple Party Dude, as much as the game.

Visitors in the home of Steve, Karen, Terri and Tammy Grissinger this week were Nora Grissinger, Amanda Yocum, Tawnya Hall, Travis Madden, Angie Roher and friend Nancy from Woolrich, Tom and Mamie Streightiff, James Locke, Tiffany Moore, Toryn, Cameron and Brayden Locke, Donna Locke and Buzz and Bea Covert. Visitors on Wednesday evening were Mike, Chris and Kevin Pintozzi and Henry Lovett from Langhorne.

Get well wishes to Kenny Brown who was recently a patient in Chambersburg Hospital for minor surgery. Also visiting the hospital to check on Kenny was their farm kitten, "Lucky" (recently renamed Lucky), who hitched a ride. On the way home Saturday morning, Jean Brown stopped by the drug store. This stop was made several hours later after a stop at Burger King and the hospital waiting for Kenny to get discharged. When Jean exited the drug store, she found Kenny conversing with a gentleman who told him there was a kitten sitting on his back tire. Jean, thinking she didn't need another kitten, was sure it was from the drug store area. But Kenny recognized the kitten as their grey kitten from the farm and told her to check it for a white stripe down its foot. Sure enough, the white stripe verified it belonged on the farm, so Jean unwilling to leave it in Chambersburg, coaxed it from the back tire and put it in the Subaru for the ride back to the farm. Kenny and Lucky are both doing fine. Lucky, who somehow survived the trip to Chambersburg and all the traffic, is happy to be home.

There have been several rattlesnake sightings in Maddensville. Please tread carefully.

Fair cleanup for the Huntingdon County Fair is this Saturday, August 1, beginning at 9 a.m.

Future activities at Clear Ridge Community Building include a yard sale on September 4. The ladies and gentlemen will have pies and sandwiches for sale. If you wish to place an order for pies, please call (717) 658-7918 and leave message of name, flavor and quantity. The next festival is scheduled for Sept 17 beginning at 4 p.m. A pie and soup sale is scheduled for October 29.

Three Springs Fire Company will be hosting a chicken barbecue on August 16 beginning at 11 a.m.

A huge yard sale will be held at Immanuel Bible Church on August 1 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the open pavilion. There will be lots of items, food and bargains.

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