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County Gets Update On Retirement Fund

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

The Fulton County commissioners received some "comforting news" Tuesday in getting a quarterly update on the performance of their retirement fund.

Ron Froeschle of F&M Trust, reported between December 31, 2008, and June 30, 2009, the county's total account return tallied 7.18 percent in comparison to a composite index return of 2.90 percent.

It was noted at the time of F&M Trust taking over the account, the county had between $6 and $7 million in its account. With those numbers, the county was annually contributing or investing $80,000 to $100,000. Issues that will affect the bottom line and cause the county contribution to increase, business manager Tim Stanton related, include the market value, new hires, pay raises and new retirees.

Even though the account figures look better than those presented to the commissioners six to eight months ago, the county's ending market value is currently listed at $5,452,460.58.

In other matters addressed this week, the commissioners approved a request from Union Township for Liquid Fuel Funding in the amount of $4,200.

As a result of a sit-down meeting with solicitor Stanley Kerlin, the commissioners agreed to continue exploring the issue of providing Fulton Industrial Development with a temporary employee to perform light clerical duties. Commissioner Bonnie Mellott Keefer suggested having a county employee perform Web updates and do routine correspondence in replying to inquiries in light of the absence of an executive director and the current state of the job market.

Keefer said providing these services may free up the FIDA to concentrate its efforts on finding a new director and job creation.

Kerlin questioned who would oversee the person and provide instruction on what duties needed completed. Kerlin further suggested a stipulation be made stating a portion of the annual funding allocation to FIDA be put aside to compensate the county for the employee's hours.

The commissioners also spoke with Kerlin regarding the renovations at the Needmore Firehall to accommodate the office and staff of Magisterial District Judge Carol Jean Johnson. The commissioners asked Kerlin to draw up a tentative lease for the office space to span a 10-year period. The fire company, according to reports, had verbally agreed to provide water for the office. The county would cover telephone, electric and heating and air-conditioning expenses.

Questions were posed to the commissioners concerning payment of sewer tap fees and monthly user costs for the office in the event a municipal collection system is constructed for the village of Needmore.

It was noted Judge Johnson and Fulton/Franklin County Court of Common Pleas President Judge Douglas W. Herman have both signed off on the floor plans, which include mandated security provisions.

The commissioners and EMA coordinator Vince Joyce received a notice from Doug Glass, deputy director with Cumberland County Public Safety, regarding a 911 emergency call Sunday evening regarding a "near drowning" of a 22-month old boy. The incident occurred in Union Township at a residence along Fairview Road. The 911 operator led someone at the scene through resuscitation instructions. The child was conscious and crying loudly when a rescue helicopter arrived. In his correspondence, Glass commended the child's grandmother for her demeanor and calmness during the situation.

Appointments to the Fulton County Library Board of Directors as recommended were Angela Adams, Carol Copeland, Lisa Johnston, Spence Perry and Chanin Rotz-Mountz.

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