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Has Issues With New Medical Center

To The Editor:

I have a 23-year-old daughter who has been disabled since she was 6 months old. She has been in and out of hospitals many many times. I have always told how great the Fulton County Medical Center has been to my daughter and to me. I would take care of her while she was in the hospital. Feeding her, giving her the medicine and assisting them in bathing and changing her. If anyway possible, they would put her in a room by herself so that I would have a place to sleep, and they would give me meals with her because I could not leave the hospital. Let me say that my daughter can't talk, walk, feed herself, or do anything else. So of course I would stay with her because she wouldn't be able to call for help. She couldn't even push a button to ring for a nurse.

That was all before. She was admitted last month for seizures, and let me say it was the worse experience that I have ever had at the hospital.

Let me start with the emergency room. I don't know his name, but the doctor argued with me as to what my daughter's seizures were like and what were not seizures in his mind. She has had seizures for 23 years. I think as her mother I would know what was going on with her. Then she was admitted, only there was not any rooms available except for the intensive care unit. Now the nurses were great. They tried to help me by getting a recliner, but that thing was so hard that I chose to sleep in a straight back chair. If that was not bad enough, it was so cold in there that my daughter had two blankets and still she was cold. The noise in there was unreal. When I left my home I was not worried about not having any money. I never had to have any before because like I said they always provided me with meals, but the next morning I was told that they would not give me my meals because I could go to the cafeteria and eat. I told them I did not have any money, but they still refused to let me have anything to eat. I had to wait until 2 p.m. when my other daughter could come out and she went to Sheetz to get me something. The next morning someone got me some breakfast. Other than that I had nothing to eat.

Like I said it was the worse experience I have ever had, and I pray that my daughter does not get sick again because I sure don't want to go through that again. I tried to write to the hospital, but the e-mail that is listed on the Web page was not a correct address.

I was excited about the new hospital, but I hope they don't forget about the people.

I really want to stress how good the nurses were though. They were always very polite and they always would ask me if we needed anything. Debra J. McMullen Mother of Misti Hobble Blairs Mills, Pa.

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