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Park Rejoins Local Substation As Commander

Returns to state police barracks as newest sergeant
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

Sgt. Troy Park Sgt. Troy Park After an 11-year hiatus, Troy Park has returned to Fulton County. As the newest sergeant at the Pennsylvania State Police substation in McConnellsburg. Park rejoined the staff at the local barracks Monday with high hopes of re-establishing some friendships, making new acquaintances and ultimately making an impact on area crime.

Park, 39, was last stationed in McConnellsburg for a period of three years as a trooper in the mid-1990s. He transferred to Chambersburg in 1998 after receiving a promotion to the position of corporal.

Over the years, the 18-year state police veteran has worked from a variety of stations, including Lewistown, Huntingdon, York, Hollidaysburg, Harrisburg and even the old Milesburg station located along Interstate 80. Having logged time as both a patrol and crime unit corporal, Park received his most recent promotion in March 1998, making this his first time in command of a substation.

"I've worked for a lot of people over the years, and I look forward to putting the skills to use I've learned from them in running a good station here in Mc- Connellsburg," Park told the "News."

Being a native of Wayne Township, Mifflin County, Park stated the atmosphere back home is very similar to that of rural Fulton County - a "small town where everybody knows everyone."

Reminiscing over the "family atmosphere" of the county and even the barracks that he encountered during his last pass through Fulton County, Park stated he was eager to return to McConnellsburg. Already greeted by some friendly faces at the station, Park noted the work complement here is a mix of both veteran officers and new troopers.

"I enjoyed McConnellsburg when I was here before, and I'm glad to be back," he added.

Park said even though he would like to work on several areas of the station to bring them into line with his standards, he is looking most forward to going out and reacquainting himself with residents and area officials he last saw more than a decade ago.

The newest station commander stated in looking at other barracks he has always appreciated the fact local state police and other law enforcement agencies have always worked hand in hand to curb and solve crime. Park made reference to now-retired Wildlife Conservation Officer Mark Crowder and enthusiastically noted he is looking forward to putting some faces with names with the addition of forest rangers and new conservation officers on patrol.

Park concluded that while a portion of his duties have evolved into statistics and programs, the bottom line, and still his favorite aspect of the job, has always boiled down to arresting criminals.

Park replaces Sgt. Jesse Zorger, who retired on July 10 after having logged 25 years with the Pennsylvania State Police.

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