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County Sets Chief Clerk's Annual Salary

Dan Swain completes first week as county clerk; Judge Herman to select next commissioner
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

The clock is winding down for interested candidates to throw their name into the pool for consideration in filling a vacancy on the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.

Two weeks remain until the August 6 deadline set by Fulton/ Franklin County Court of Common Pleas President Judge Douglas W. Herman, who will be hand-selecting a registered Republican shortly thereafter to fill the position previously held by Commissioner Daniel Swain Jr. Approximately 2-1/2 years remain unfulfilled in Swain's fourth term of office.

Among the criteria that could be considered in selecting the newest commissioner are community involvement, work experience and overall education and background. In addition, prior to the appointment, Judge Herman will be consulting with the remaining two commissioners, Bonnie Mellott Keefer and David Hoover II, as well as county Republican Committee Chairman Mikeal Fix and various party members.

Resumes, letters of recommendation and comments can be sent to Judge Herman at Fulton County Courthouse, Judges Chambers, 201 N. Second Street, McConnellsburg, PA 17233.

Meanwhile Swain, who has accepted an appointment as the county's newest chief clerk, has logged his first week behind the desk of longtime and former clerk Dick Wible. Wible, who who had been on medical leave since mid-March, submitted a letter of resignation for the purpose of retirement on June 30.

Wible, a native of northern Fulton County, spent a total of 34 years with the county in the capacity of county clerk, wearing an array of hats and tending to a variety of issues ranging from elections and voter registration to recycling efforts and acting as a go-between for county residents, state and . local officials. Prior to being appointed to work for the county commissioners, he spent approximately one year as an aide with the Fulton County Extension Office working with area children.

With Wible leaving the county with an ending annual salary of $55,637, Swain is coming in just shy of the former chief clerk's earnings with a yearly salary of $52,416 plus benefits. The amount was prorated for the remainder of 2009 to $38,391. Swain's salary was set last Wednesday by the Fulton County Salary Board comprised of the commissioners and county treasurer.

Among Swain's duties laid forth in the county's job description for chief clerk are providing both administrative support and office management for the commissioners. The fulltime position will cover the coordination of the election and voter registration process; preparing weekly board meeting agendas and meeting minutes; and processing all documents and information for review by the commissioners.

Other essential requirements and duties outlined include tactfully handling the public, government agencies and department personnel; background in budget preparation and administration; handling confidential information and correspondence; direct and evaluate the work of the commissioners' office.

Swain told the "News" while his clerk duties are "different" from his former position, he has had an "enjoyable if not a busy" week in the commissioners' office. Thinking back at his decision to resign as commissioner, Swain stated he had reached the point in his career he needed to decide whether to move forward with a full-time business in technology and software development or continue in county government.

Swain said he feels a "greater purpose" with government services and is looking forward to bringing more technology into the county offices through a variety of projects, including digitizing documents. With the virtual elimination of paper, the need for storage space will be reduced. Storage, of course, is one of the most widely cited issues with county employees and, along with parking, is being addressed in the county's proposed renovation project.

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