2009-07-23 / Church News

In Memory


In loving memory of George B. Fagley, who passed away four years ago: Dear Bob,

Here we are once again another year come and gone since your passing and lots has changed around me but inside of me ... the pain has not lessened.

We have a new president, the mark of a new era. It's like we have turned a corner. You'd be so surprised. Gas prices change almost by the hour. The war still stretches on, and businesses open and close. Churches pop up constantly, moving into empty buildings. It would be worth a nice drive Bud, just like we did so often, just taking in the sights.

But the sun still seems as regular as clockwork. It rises and ligthenes my room, but not my heart. It sets at day's end ... and then comes night that seems so long. I watch a huge moon that's so far away but yet seems so close I could reach out and grab it, but despite my efforts it travels so quickly. Time does not. I sit on the porch and life goes on still the same, but don't be fooled. Even though the hay grows and the road ahead of me is busy with tractors and all sorts of machinery, I sit there and wait. Not only is the herd growing, but the families have new additions too, Bud. There's new babies! The family tree has added new branches.

I am surrounded by family. They are good to me. They come and we share meals and stories of just life in general. The weather has been so unpredictable. But I can tell you that my longing for you has not changed. Much rain has fallen but so have my tears. We are almost halfway through another year, can you believe that! How did it go so fast?

I believe its the acculation of slow minutes ticking like the drip of a leaking faucet. It's because I miss you still. That love can never change.

We shared so much together and so many years and a ton of memories that's caused our hearts to grow into one. I just had to say "I love and miss you still."

Wife Wanda and family

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