2009-07-16 / Local & State

Ex-Airline Worker 'Mortified' Over Gun On Plane


PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A fired airline worker is "mortified'' at the lapse in judgment that led him to help a friend get an un- loaded gun on a plane, his lawyer said.

Roshid Milledge, 38, of Philadelphia pleaded guilty to a related weapons charge in federal court Friday. He faces a possible six-month prison term but will seek probation.

According to his lawyer, Carina Laguzzi, Milledge never went through a security screening from the time he picked up the roommate's laptop bag at the check-in counter - just inside the airport - until the men switched bags at the gate.

"He is mortified about what this is doing to his name and his family,'' Laguzzi said after the plea hearing.

Milledge had worked for US Airways for four years and had never before been arrested, she said.

The FBI has said roommate Darien Young was moving to Phoenix and wanted to bring the gun with him. Young boarded the flight with the concealed 9 mm weapon in his bag, and the plane left the gate but was called back so authorities could remove Young. The flight was then delayed several hours.

Young, 29, has also pleaded guilty in the case.

Laguzzi disputed FBI accounts that the men planned the switch, and instead said her client picked up his friend's bag in the haste of their arrival at the airport that morning and agreed to switch it back at the gate.

"He knew nothing of the gun being in there,'' she said. "However, he acknowledges that he never should have given a bag to someone that (did not) ... go through security.''

Milledge declined to comment after the hearing. His sentencing was set for Nov. 2.

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