2009-07-16 / Local & State

Erie Police Say Gunman Forcing Women To Undress

ERIE, Pa. (AP) - Erie police are trying to determine who has accosted three women in the last month and a half and tried to force them to undress while threatening them with weapons.

Police say the first incident happened on May 25 and all three incidents have this in common: the women are approached on a dark street between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.

On June 22, a man holding a gun approached a woman but was scared away before she complied with his request to undress. The last incident occurred July 2 when a man used a stun gun on a woman. Again, the man was apparently frightened and ran away before the woman complied with his order to undress.

Police don't know if the attacks are related, but say all three women gave similar descriptions of the attacker.

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