2009-07-16 / Local & State

County Conducts Routine Business

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

On the heels of last Thursday's resignation of Fulton County Commissioner Daniel Swain and his subsequent appointment to the vacant position of chief clerk, the remaining two members of the Board of Commissioners attended to an array of business during the last week.

Chief Probation Officer Roger Strait presented the commissioners with a copy of the Adult Probation/Parole Grant and Aid application. Strait reported by signing the application, the county is agreeing to the terms and conditions of participating in the program currently in its third year of funding. The money is earmarked for anticipated salaries of probation officers.

After speaking with clerk Swain regarding technology related issues, the commissioners agreed the sheriff's office could switch cellular phone plans that will result in monthly savings of $24. The plan will continue to cover four phones and a card to utilize in conjunction with the JNET system.

The commissioners also gave a nod of approval toward the installation of a separate telephone line in the courtroom for use during trial court. The phone system can be utilized for questioning expert witnesses and will likely eliminate the need to have those witnesses appear in person, thereby decreasing transportation costs.

Commissioner Bonnie Mellott Keefer indicated she will be taking steps later this week to save Polly's rose bush outside the sheriff's office and jail from possible destruction during the proposed county renovation project. Keefer is slated to take multiple clippings of the bush and will also try to save the bush's existing root system.

Keefer was appointed to serve as a representative from the commissioners' office on the Fulton County Conservation District Board of Directors. Keefer will also serve on the Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission Executive Board, while Swain will serve in the capacity of an "at-large position" as a replacement for former FIDA Director Wendy Melius.

A contract was penned with Franklin County for services through the Franklin County Day Reporting Center. The contract began effective July 13 and will conclude March 11, 2011. An additional contract with B.I. Incorporated for additional services in the Day Reporting Center for use by parolees. The contract will also end March 11, 2011.

Chief assessor Michelle Sowers will be contacting the Fulton County Historical Society regarding its interest in obtaining the county's old tax maps. The maps are no longer needed by the county as all information is available through the county's GIS. The maps will be disposed of in the event the Historical Society is not interested.

A Liquid Fuel Fund application submitted by the Taylor Township Board of Supervisors was approved in the amount of $3,800.

Requests for reimbursement were approved in association with the distribution of USDA commodities. Reimbursements requested to date this year include $798.47 and $702.48.

Payment in the amount of $15,652.80 was authorized through the McConnellsburg Borough curb cut-out project for TMS Excavating LLC.

The commissioners also spoke about converting the basement of the bandshell into an area for record storage.

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