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Big Cove Tannery Woman Pens Book

"Sapphire, Ruby and Other Southern Jewels" is humorous depiction of Southern life
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz STAFF WRITER

"Sapphire, Ruby and Other Southern Jewels" Author Susanne Reed "Sapphire, Ruby and Other Southern Jewels" Author Susanne Reed Even though she's never considered herself an avid reader, Big Cove Tannery resident Susanne Reed has immersed herself in the world of literature through what she knows best - writing.

Deemed a humorist, Reed has penned the newest fiction book that in recent weeks hit both bookstore shelves and the Internet through Amazon, Target and Barnes and Noble. Entitled "Sapphire, Ruby and Other Southern Jewels," the characters in the fictional town of Rosyhill, Miss., are loosely based on an array of friends, ex-boyfriends and even Reed's husband, Charles Reed, a Fulton County native.

According to the 38-yearold local author from Cito Road, the idea or basis behind the book with a modern-South twist stuck with her for two weeks before she finally decided to put ink to paper. A month later, a book that combined aspects of fiction and fun as well as mystery emerged and was picked up by A-Argus Better Book Publishers based in North Carolina.

Reed stated her dream job has always been to stay at home and be an author. "I actually read a lot of self-help books or books on how to follow your dreams," she said. "was never a big reader, but loved to write, even term papers, believe it or not!"

In spite of not being big into reading, Reed does collect autographed books, with her collection numbering around 50. An expensive hobby, Reed said, her most prized possessions are from John Grisham.

"I think I like it best because he (John Grisham) lived in the town of Oxford, Miss., which is home to the University of Mississippi where I went to college. I worked in the video store in Oxford to work my way through grad school, and John Grisham would come in to rent moves for his kids," recalled Reed. "This was before he got to be so huge ... So now I have all of his books, and they are all autographed by him."

Falling back on her Mississippi roots, Reed said, her book features the lives of a group of Southern women, a terrier named Ruby and a lot of gossip. Hoping Northerners will understand her humor, Reed says her book is being well received back home, where she she will do a television appearance in August, book signings and newspaper interviews.

The process of preparing proposals and writing sample chapters for submission to publishers has obviously been "hit and miss" for Reed over the years but still "exciting" nonetheless. During her spare time, she has written freelance articles for Delta Magazine, Spotlight On Recovery Magazine, P31 Magazine and Savvy Women Magazine. Reed has also co-authored a cookbook/ memoir with her childhood friend Elizabeth Heiskell entitled "Somebody Stole the Cornbread from My Dressing," which will be released in spring 2010 by OverMountain Press.

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