2009-07-16 / Letters

America's Needs Should Come First

To The Editor:

President Obama visited Ghana last week and, while there, it was reported that he pledged $58 billion in U.S. aid to that country.

We should support all emerging democracies, like Ghana, when we can. But how can the United States, or any country several trillion dollars in debt, be in a position to give another country money? Where does it come from? We don't have a surplus, so does that mean we will borrow the money to support Ghana?

It is shameful that the current administration criticizes American consumers for spending beyond our means when they continue to do it, knowing it is bad economic policy whether on a personal level, or on a government or corporate level. We have been told to "make adjustments." Our government needs to lead by example.

Food, energy and healthcare costs here keep increasing. The average age of American citizens continues to rise, also. Older Americans on fixed incomes are struggling more and more each month to make ends meet. Small businesses continue to close their doors, the unemployed face the end of their benefits ... many of our states are running deficits.

Shouldn't the Obama administration be putting our needs first, before any other country's? Not only does it makes good economic sense, but when our federal government does not make helping Americans its first priority, then it is not doing its job. Sarah Schoen Duvall Hustontown

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