2009-07-16 / Entertainment

Kendall Family Holds Reunion

The Kendall family reunion was recently held at Lions Club Park. A good time was had by all. Those attending were:

Anna Harvey, Triniti Rosenberry and Kenny Russell, Carl Peck, Owen, Charleen, Bec and Zane, Lin and Bill Zawacky, Bob and Nancy Richards, Betty and Jeff Mills, Gary Mills, Terra Cooley and Kimora Brown, Weslie and Greg Johnson, Kathy and Bill Kendall, John and Cindy Kendall, Tonya Martz and Greg Miller, Aaron Farris, Michael Martz and Ashley Spickler, Gweneth Martz, Carl and Althea Kendall, LeAnne Kendall, Bob and Bonnie Kendall, Donna, Chad, Garrett Bunch, Tom and Joan Kendall, John, Leslie, Phillip, Mary Rotz, Rick, Melinda, Colton, Aaron and Josh Hahn, Laura Glee, Chase and Carrie Glee, Annette and Justin Rasp and Amaya Barnes, Allan, Roey, Cecely, Michell, Allan and Trevor Martz, Russ, Teresa and Renee Hawbaker, Shaida and Charles, Robbie Mill, Jason, Wendy, James, Lillian and Lacy Kendall.

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