2009-07-09 / Local & State

Philadelphia Parking Meter Hike Canceled

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Another proposed hike in parking meter rates in downtown Philadelphia has been canceled because the first increase worked better than expected.

A day before rates were to increase to $3 per hour, Philadelphia Parking Authority officials said Wednesday that rates will stay at $2 - and some will even be reduced by 50 cents.

The parking authority already doubled the downtown rate from $1 to $2 on Jan. 1 to discourage all-day parking.

The plan worked. The parking space vacancy rate went from 2 percent to 17 percent, making it easier to find a spot.

Parking officials say an increase could still happen once they install 1,100 kiosks that accept dollar bills and debit cards later this year. If the number of all-day parkers goes up, so will rates.

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