2009-07-02 / Local & State

Jury List

The following names were drawn by the president judge and Fulton County jury commissioners for the July session of combined court to be held in the said county on the 27th day of July 2009, at 10:00 a.m., in the forenoon of that day: Raymond Ashley, McConnellsburg Lynn Bard, Warfordsburg Eric Barnhart, Needmore Patricia Bean, Hustontown Todd Beatty, Needmore David Bivens, Big Cove Tannery Arlene Black, Three Springs Sherry Black, McConnellsburg John Boehme III, McConnellsburg Joseph Boor, McConnellsburg Amy Boos, McConnellsburg Tim Bouser, McConnellsburg A. Jane Bowman, Needmore Eric Buterbaugh, McConnellsburg Tina Buterbaugh, Big Cove Tannery Mary Campbell, McConnellsburg Debra Carbaugh, McConnellsburg Leon Carbaugh Jr., Hustontown Dennis Carmack, McConnellsburg Janet Champion, McConnellsburg Thomas Christian, McConnellsburg John Clevenger, Warfordsburg Alma Clingerman, Warfordsburg Kevin Clippinger, Warfordsburg Nancy Cordell, McConnellsburg Leona Crawford, Warfordsburg Dovie Decker, Crystal Spring Lanette Deneen, Crystal Spring Sandra Diehl, Warfordsburg A. Ruth Dubbs, McConnellsburg Mary Dziedzic, Harrisonville Tina Everhart, Hustontown Dreama Everts, McConnellsburg B. Allen Fix, Harrisonville Terry Fix, Hustontown Jeremy Fletcher, McConnellsburg John Foor, Harrisonville Ida Forry, Harrisonville Kent Fraker, McConnellsburg Harold Gordon, Harrisonville Ross Gordon, Needmore John Greathead, McConnellsburg Richard Green Jr., McConnellsburg William Guilfoy, Harrisonville Mary Hann, McConnellsburg William Hann, Fort Littleton Shirley Harris, McConnellsburg Carol Hays, McConnellsburg Clara Hedrick, McConnellsburg Edward Heinbaugh, Harrisonville Gary Hill, Needmore Brenda Hill, Needmore Bernard Hoffman, McConnellsburg Barbara Holley, Burnt Cabins Mary Huston, Harrisonville Dorothy Johnson, McConnellsburg Jennifer Johnston, McConnellsburg Margaret Keebaugh, McConnellsburg Randall Keebaugh, McConnellsburg Edgar Keefer, Big Cove Tannery Julia Kohr, Crystal Spring Byron Leasure, Warfordsburg Melissa Leis, Waterfall John Lupey, McConnellsburg Susan Lupey, McConnellsburg Thomas Lynch, Harrisonville Dennis McQuade, McConnellsburg Norman Mellott, Big Cove Tannery Patricia Mellott, Needmore Mae Mellott, Warfordsburg Ray Miller, Needmore Tammy Miller, Harrisonville Walter Miller, Warfordsburg Yvette Miller, Hustontown Janice Mooneyham, Needmore Camille Moore, Crystal Spring Clyde Mosemann, Warfordsburg Krista Murray, Needmore Cindy Myers, Warfordsburg Derwood Orr, Burnt Cabins Norma Ott, McConnellsburg Joni Park, Fort Littleton Chester Peck, Needmore Elizabeth Peck, McConnellsburg Roger Ritz, Harrisonville James Runk, McConnellsburg Melanie Schoen, Fort Littleton Erin Shafer, Harrisonville Odette Sheffield, Harrisonville Jeffery Shindle, Big Cove Tannery Christopher Shives, Needmore Leona Shives, Warfordsburg Kelly Sipes, Warfordsburg Barbara Slodysko, Burnt Cabins John Smith, McConnellsburg Mona Sowers, McConnellsburg Monica Sponsler, Harrisonville Stephen Steele, McConnellsburg Chad Stepanik, Big Cove Tannery Danny Stotler, McConnellsburg William Strait, Warfordsburg Nancy Tomlison, Warfordsburg Joyce Tritle, McConnellsburg Shirley Truax, McConnellsburg Patricia Trueax, Crystal Spring Robin Wakefield, McConnellsburg Marian Walker, McConnellsburg Lavonne Ward, Warfordsburg Roger Watkins, McConnellsburg James Weaver, Needmore Betty Wertz, Warfordsburg Jason White, Warfordsburg Betty Whiteside, Warfordsburg Raymond Willison, Hustontown Victor Wilson, Warfordsburg Tina Winter, Wells Tannery Jeffery Wolford, Wells Tannery Jesse Yablonski, McConnellsburg Elijah Yoder, Harrisonville Cleo Younker, Needmore

Potential jurors recalled for July 27, 2009 court

Ginger Bowser, McConnellsburg Walter Dyer, Mercersburg Alton Hoopengardner, Warfordsburg Samuel Huber, Needmore Kelly John Jr., McConnellsburg Wavy Kirk, Warfordsburg Ronda Knable, Needmore Dina Layton, Warfordsburg Lyle Mellott, Needmore Gladys Sands, Harrisonville Edgar Shives, McConnellsburg Vivian Wandless, Warfordsburg Edward Younker, Warfordsburg

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