2009-07-02 / Correspondents' Notes


By Karen Grissinger

Birthday wishes to Cherry Hale, Nora Grissinger, Mary Mort, Pam Naugle, Clint Wyrick, Ellie Brumback, Fred Shehan, John Hodge, Joel Book, Joan Hershey, Foster Park, Justin Locke, Penne Edgell, Jana Keebaugh, Stacy Weist, Edsel Hamman and Dorothy Angle.

Anniversary wishes to Stacy and Leann Weist, Scott and Judy Roher, and Tyson and Katherine Hollibaugh.

Get well wishes to Ryan Senft,

Emma Stains, Dorothy Patterson, Gene Cornelius, Gail Stains, Lester Swope, Wayne and Mary Mort, and Cloyd Stains.

Our sympathy is extended to Arley Knepper and family on the loss of his brother, Chalmer Knepper. Arley and Chalmer logged a load of miles over the years as they hauled livestock to auctions for many farmers in our area.

Also, sympathy is extended to the family and friends of John Nearhood of Burnt Cabins.

Kay Anderson had knee-replacement surgery in Chambersburg last week. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Neva Fleming has been a patient at Fulton County Medical on the sudden and unexpected passing of her son, Harold "Mooch" Grissinger. Mooch had a kind heart for anyone and sure loved his little nieces and nephews. Our prayers are with everyone.

Congratulations to Maddison Wible for being front-page news last week in her part as an extra for the East Broad Top Railroad documentary.

Kenny Watkins Jr. and Kristi Streightiff, daughter of Tom and Mamie Streightiff, were united in marriage on Saturday in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Allegheny Shelter near Seven Points at Raystown Lake. The reception followed at the Huntingdon Country Club. Congratulations to Kenny and Kristi. Jim and Patty Grissinger attended the wedding and had the pleasure of seeing their daughter, Richelle, as maid of honor for Kristi.

Fred and Sharon Horne and Buzz and Bea Covert traveled by charter bus to Lancaster on Saturday for a three-hour show at the American Music Theatre, where they were entertained by many country stars.

Ben Souders held a picnic on Sunday evening at the Lonesome Dove picnic area in memory and honor of his friends who lost their lives four years ago in Afghanistan. Attending the picnic were Carol Engstrom. Also attending were Wayne and Mary Mort, Paul and Susie Schmidt, Mike and Teresa Souders, Wayne and Dawn Lapp, Tom, Sherri, Michael and Zack Fleck, Corey Hearn and Hilary Patterson, Andy, Terry and Shawn Mills, and George Locke.

Art Brown enjoyed the Clear Ridge festival on Thursday evening.

Gordon and Donna Locke hosted a barbecue on Sunday for Brayden Locke, who turned 6 years old. Attending were Justin, Adam, Amanda, Cameron, Toryn and Brayden Locke, Terri, Ruth and Nora Grissinger, Dave, Linda, Matt, Crystal, Logan, D.J. and Abby Schauff, and Amanda Yocum. The kids all enjoyed the pool and some squirt guns, while the adults watched and made threats to anyone brave enough to spray them. Later in the day, Brayden shared his Steelers birthday cake and homemade ice cream with the gang.

James Locke and Tiffany Moore stopped in to visit with the Lockes later in the evening and enjoyed a dip in the pool and dinner.

Last Thursday, Gordon and Donna Locke, Ruth Grissinger, and Amanda Yocum traveled to Greenvillage to watch Brayden Locke play T-ball. He sure can hit the ball into the outfield. After the game, a short visit to the ice cream shop was needed before the long ride home.

Brian and Emily Ramsey visited Roger and Pat Ramsey on Friday evening. >They also had dinner prepared when Pat got home from work, and she really appreciated having someone else cook.

Ronnie Horne and Roger and Pat Ramsey enjoyed dinner at the Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford on Saturday evening.

Roger and Pat Ramsey visited Trudy Fix on Sunday evening. > Later on, the trio visited Thane Fix and Chelsey Hockenberry in their new home.

Visiting with Steve, Karen, Terri and Tammy Grissinger this week were Bob Hoffman, Tom and Mamie Streightiff, Ramon Martin, Nora Grissinger, Travis Madden, and Jim, Brenden and Holden Lupey.

The Clear Ridge ladies and gents will be holding a festival on July 23. >The menu for this festival will be ham dinners, home-made pies and ice cream.

Hustontown Volunteer Fire Co. will be having an antique car show at the firehall on July 18.

Making an appearance this week at the Grissinger household were four baby guinea pigs. Terri Grissinger, who knows her mom just loves rodents, brought her classroom project home for the summer. Math trivia for the week is, if in one night they increased from two to six that would be what percent? Mom said it doesn't matter; the first two were too many.

Enjoy some Fourth of July fireworks and cookouts!

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