2009-06-18 / Church News

River Oaks Helpline To Partner With Nationwide Tour Players Cup


River Oaks Helpline announced recently that it will partner with the Nationwide Tour Players Cup in a new program entitled "Tickets Fore Charity." The Players Cup, a professional golf tournament in Bridgeport, W.Va., has provided charities like River Oaks Helpline the opportunity to sell tournament tickets and in return receive 100 percent of the money raised form their ticket sales.

"We are ecstatic to present this opportunity to the charities and their many worthy causes. In 2008, our partner charities sold nearly $55,000 in tournament tickets which directly impacted their outreach and fundraising needs. Building on the success of Tickets Fore Charity in 2008 we are optimistic that this program will gain be the catalyst for charitable giving in the local community," Players Cup Assistant Tournament Director Chase Mc- Clain said.

The Tickets Fore Charity program is aimed at creating additional funding for charitable organizations. In addition to the money raised through ticket sales, partner charities will be awarded a percentage of the $25,000 Bonus Pool based on their total sales. The Bonus Pool is a fund created by the Players Cup to reward the nonprofits in their sales efforts.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Players Cup in the Tickets Fore Charity program this year. This event has meant so much to the community, and, it means so much to our mission at River Oaks Helpline. For the tournament to give up 100 percent of their ticket revenues for charity is such a unique and innovative gift," River Oaks Helpline Executive Director Carole Palmer said.

River Oaks Helpline, a Christian based ministry founded in 2008, seeks to provide a resource of help and support for Franklin, Fulton and Bedford counties. In partnering with a number of local churches and service organizations, River Oaks Helpline provides telephone prayer support for issues ranging from addiction, to divorce, depression and more. To learn more about River Oaks Helpline, visit www.riveroakshelpline.org, or call their business office at 717- 325-4230. To reach the helpline from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily call 717-325-4200.

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