2009-06-18 / Letters

Praises FR Graduation, Winegardner Restoration

To The Editor:

A few years ago I was at the graduation ceremony at Forbes Road. The chairs were hard, it was about 100 degrees (My nephew had to be taken out because of the heat.), and we could hardly hear what was said on stage.

This year at my granddaughters' graduation, we sat in a soft seat, in air conditioning and could see and hear everything that was said on stage. It was great. I was so proud of the fine young people who have been raised in this community and graduated this year.

Also, I would like to thank everyone who was responsible for the restoration of our oneroom Winegardner school: Lois Madden who donated and Kay Beach for her generous donation. Also to the Historical Society for getting the work done, and Dick Newman and Ken Keebuagh for the steps and shutters and all the other work they have done and everyone who has donated something to it.

It will be a wonderful look into the past for future generations. Helen Souders Dublin Mills

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