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Burgoyne Headed To Nationals


Cody Burgoyne Cody Burgoyne Local motocross racer Cody Burgoyne, 14, just secured a position in two classes on the starting gate at the AMA Air Nautiques Amateur National Motocross Championship. He will be one of only 42 racers in each of these classes. This championship has become the premier amateur national series in the United States, with racers worldwide attempting to qualify. The race is held each summer at the legendary Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn.

In order to be able to compete at this prestigious race, racers must compete both on an area and a regional level. From the area races only the top eight racers move on to the Regional's. At the Regional's this drops to top seven.

Burgoyne raced and qualified in both the Northeast and the Mideast area qualifiers in all five classes that he competed in. These classes were Super Mini I 12-15, Super Mini II 14-16, 250C Stock, 250C Modified and 450C. Youth Regional's and "big bike" or Amateur Regional's are held at different locations.

This past weekend the Mideast Regional competition was held at Red Bud MX, a "Pro National" track in Michigan. Burgoyne raced in three classes: 250C Stock, 250C Modified and 450C. The maximum number of racers were present (64) for all races, so qualifying races had to be held with the top 15 moving on to the "main" race. Each class held three motos.

Burgoyne was able to pull excellent starts all weekend. He would round the first corner in the top-five spot in seven out of eight of his races. With the race track being "wide," Burgoyne was able to take advantage of the openness and make smart passes. In the 450C class he placed first in all three motos. In the 250C stock class, he placed 1st in the first two races and second in the last race for the first overall in that class as well. During the last lap of the last moto, he was closing on the leader and went to make a pass, but the racers touched and Burgoyne found himself off the track. Fortunately they were so far ahead of the rest of the pack, he did not loose his position. Because you are only allowed to enter two races at the National's Burgoyne did not race his last moto in the 250C Modified class since he had placed third in that class. With only minor modifications to his bike, he says his 250C Mod bike was "pretty underpowered compared to others." But he enjoyed racing in that class.

Racers are required to rent transponders so that lap times can easily be recorded. According to the logs, Burgoyne was one of the few racers that day in all classes to break the 2-minute lap time - his best was 1 minute and 59 seconds.

Leaving Red Bud with not only a secured spot at the National's but also the championship in two classes for the entire Mideast Region was thrilling for Burgoyne. He calls this "his biggest race ever."

Burgoyne started racing in March of this year. He raced in the first two District 7 races as well as some Mason Dixon Racing Association races. Although he picked up two first-place finishes, he recalls the worst race of this year was the area qualifier held at Broome Tioga in New York in April. It was unseasonably cold and actually snowed during the race. Due to the extreme weather conditions only one moto was held. Burgoyne remembers not being able to feel his fingers after each race and said he "just held on to make it through."

In 2008 Burgoyne picked up three year-end championships in District 7 for the following classes: Super Mini 12-15, 85cc 12-15 and Schoolboy 12-16. This is the first year that he has competed in the Schoolboy class. He also won the Delaware State Championship in the Super Mini 12-15 class, as well as the Maryland State Championship in the 85cc 12-15 and Super Mini 12-15 class.

Burgoyne attends Southern Fulton High School and will be going into 10th grade this fall. He would like to say a big thank-you to all his sponsors for their support: Twigg Cycles, Motul Inc., SCOTT USA and Pey-Bry Distributors.

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