2009-06-11 / Local & State

Great Treasure Hunt Coming To Area

The Great Treasure Hunt is encouraging residents in the area to dig deep into their attics, basements and closet shelves. Why? the Treasure Hunters want to pay cash for items of value that will be brought into their fiveday event June 9-13 at the Quality Inn and Suites, 1095 Wayne Ave., Chambersburg.

For more than 20 years, the Great Treasure Hunt has been traveling the country, buying vintage sports memorabilia of all kinds, guitars, antiques, comic books, gold and silver. Now, they are coming to Chambersburg to discover what hidden gems the city has to offer.

Some recently unburied treasures include: 1940s Stan Musial game jersey worth more than $50,000, bought from Pottsville, Pa.; the estate of baseball legend Ty Cobb, purchased from his latest doctor; a rare F5 Gibson mandolin, worth more than $100,000; Batman number one comic book and millions of dollars in gold and silver.

In all of these cases, the owners had no idea what value their treasures might hold and were pleased and surprised by the amount of cash they received for their items.

The Great Treasure Hunt will evaluate and make offers on gold, silver, jewelry, coins, antique toys, comic books, guitars, watches, sports cards, memorabilia, and many other pre-1965 collectibles.

The public is invited to bring as many items as they can carry for evaluation by one of the experts. The event is completely free and no appointment is needed.

For questions or further information call 800-344-9103 or go to www.WeBuyTreasure.com.

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