2009-06-11 / Letters

MHS Class Of '09 Lucky To Grow Up Here

To The Editor:

Just have to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the Class of 2009 graduation. Thanks to parents, Central Fulton School District, local clergy, American Legion staff, local businesses and anyone I forgot. We feel so blessed that our children ere lucky enough to grow up in such a kind, thoughtful, caring community. Our daughter's grandparents commented on how impressed they were to hear so much scripture quoted in the speeches. Not something they are used to in their school systems.

The banquet room at the American Legion was absolutely beautiful and what a joy to see all those young people enjoying their evening in a wholesome way. What a truly fantastic group of kids. I will dearly miss those we've become close to.

The other thing that was plain to see was the Holy Spirit working quietly and diligently throughout all of it. Powerful.

Kathleen Reimold

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