2009-06-11 / Letters

Farm Smells Pleasant Reminder Of Fulton Co.

To The Editor:

I appreciated the responses to the "Country Smells" issue in last week's newspaper. I know all about "smells" being raised in Roaring Spring, Pa. The paper mill was our town's economy so we just accepted the occasional smells and went on with life. Our grandfathers worked there. If they came home from work with that smell on their clothes, we hugged them anyway.

For me, the farm smells are a pleasant reminder of the marvelous place we live. I look out my kitchen window and see the Richards farm along with the noises of the tractors, the beauty of the fields and the sounds of the cattle. I don't ever want it to change. I love the farm with the mountain behind it.

My hope is that those who are offended, look beyond the odor to smell the beauty and culture of our farming community. I'm even proud and inspired that our new Fulton County Medical Center is built in a meadow. Linda H. Garber McConnellsburg

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